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Hello, I am Alexa Spinelli, and I am the founder of Simply Spinelli. Despite all the obstacles that have come my way in the last year
and a half, I am incredibly grateful to be able to deliver delicious, health-supportive treats to the people that love them!

My passion for food developed at the age of 15 when I started my first job in a restaurant. After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in 2017, I started my first cooperate job in NYC at an advertising agency. I hated sitting all day, commuting, and doing something that I did not love doing.

In March 2018, I put my two weeks in and headed to California to do some soul searching. 1 year later and I was a certified yoga instructor and professional chef. I started Simply Spinelli to help others take care of their health through diet, exercise and a little bit of chocolate.

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